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Sunhe R&D key teammembers have served well-known lithium battery companies at home and abroad,and have more than 10 years of experience in lithium battery. The R&D center now has set up Project Research Department, Materials Research Department, On-site Process Department, PACK Research Department, IE Department etc.  And equipped with advanced testing equipment; won many national invention patents, won the national high-tech enterprises, and become one of the drafters of lithium battery industry standards for smartwearable devices in Guangdong Province .

Sanhe Six key Technology Advantages

 High rate 4.35V series battery, volume energy density increased more than 10% compared with 4.2V series;

 high capacity 4.4V series battery, volume energy density increased more than 18% compared with 4.2V series;

 5C quick charge series battery, charge over 90% in 12min;

 High rate batteries, discharge rate up to max 60C, capacity retention more than 95%;

 Polymer gel all-solid-state battery, higher safety performance, longer service life;

 Arc (10-180 degrees), ultra-thin (cell thickness  0.4mm), ring battery (mini 2.0x8.0x9.0mm), high/low temperature battery (-20~80°C).

Sunhe is the one of the industry leaders on Shape performance.


1. high rate 4.35V battery

Through the adjustment of positive and negative electrode formulations, separator materials, and electrolyte formulations, Sunhe increased the discharge rate to 30C and increase the voltage system to 4.35V at the same time , greatly increasing the energy density, and make the high voltage , high rate cycling ability to 500 times more than 85% , can meet the requirements of unmanned aerial vehicles and various aircraft model toys.


2. 4.4V high voltage system battery

The high energy density means that the same size battery can provide higher capacity and longer  life. The 4.4V system can increase energy density by about 20% compared to 4.2V and increase by more than 8% compared to 4.35V.


3. 5C quick charge system battery

Currently, quick charge batteries are in great demand in the mobile phone market. Considering customers’ requirement , Sunhe has developed a fast charging system that can meet 5C charging, can achieve acharging standard of more than 90% in 12 minutes, which greatly improves charging efficiency.


4. high rate battery

Sunhe improved the discharge rate to 60C by improving the consistency of the key material, craft, and process. At the sametime, the 60C discharge capacity retention rate reached more than 95%, and the 300-cycle time capacity retention rate reach to 85% or more.


5.  gel battery

Gel polymer electrolyte , that is add plasticizers and other additives in the solid polymer electrolyte to increasethe ionic conductivity, so that the electrolyte gelled. The gel polymer has the advantages of shaping flexibility, higher mass-specific energy, wide electrochemical stability window, perfect safety performance and reliability,long cycle life, small capacity loss, and high volume utilization etc.


6. Shape Advantages -Arc battery

Arc battery is one of the advantages products. By innovating on winding and structure, the battery is arc-shaped with a heating jig .  Sunhe arc battery has characteristics of pole piece not fall off powder , Outstanding appearance, good cycle performance.

Product technical features:

1: Arc range of 10 to 180 degrees

2: Super cycle life 500 times to maintain  80%

3: Voltage system 3.8V, higher energy density

4: Small self-discharge, room temperature for 30 days to maintain the capacity of  98%


Shape Advantages -ultra-thin battery

Ultra-thin batteries have been widely used in the market. Sunhe has made key improvements in materials such as tabs,aluminum-plastic films, adhesive tapes, foils, and positive and negative active materials, and has also subverted the assembly process. Successfully make the cell thickness within 0.4mm, which is in the advanced level in the industry.

Product technical features:

1: The thinnest thickness  0.4mm

2: Super cycle life 500 times to maintain  80%

3: charging voltage 4.35V, higher energy density

4: Small self-discharge , place 30 days capacity to maintain  95%


Shape advantage - the ring battery

At the request of foreign customers, Sunhe started to develop ring batteries in 2014 and successfully developed models such as 301111 and 300809. Ring batteries have the advantages of small self-dischargeand good cycle performance.

Product technical features:

1: The minimum size of the battery can be made 2.0mm*8.0mm*9.0mm

2: Super strong cycle life 500 times to maintain  85%

3: Voltage system 3.8V, higher energy density

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